Welcome to my blog!The purpose of this site that I have created is for an English assignment that was assigned by my English professor.The assignment is to create a profile on the location of our choice on campus. I have chosen to create my profile on the Fitness Center of UW-Stout. Writing this profile has been very interesting for me . I have learned a lot from creating it.  When I was first given this assignment , my initial thought was , ” How in the world am I going to write a whole two pages , single spaced, about just this one facility?” But I came to find that observations was the answer to my problems. In little time of observing , I found there was almost too much to write about. There was so many discourse communities to learn about. As an outsider to the facility, I found these communities to be very interesting because being from a small town , I am unfamiliar with some of the things a larger town can pertain. Although as of now I am posting from this assignment only , I plan to continue this page with posts from more of my career here at UW-Stout.  Writing is something that I highly enjoy, and I hope that you can get something out of my shared experiences with the life on campus.

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